Manufactured Housing

Manufactured Housing

Bedford Lending is a leading Manufactured/Modular Housing Lender and Advisor for 207 land acquisition and development loans. By blending our direct loan programs with our extensive advisory knowledge we are able to develop creative finance solutions for developers and operators nationwide. Our director has over 20 years experience in all facets of development and has financed and completed evaluations for over 100 projects. He is the author of numerous books on manufactured housing and is recognized as one of the top real estate professionals in the field.

Getting Started

Our director and staff work closely with clients to assess the market demand and to evaluate financial feasibility of each project. Once determined, we develop a detailed timeline which outlines the steps and cost to process and fund each loan. The following is a summary of the advisory services we offer:

Acquiring Existing Communities

  • Complete Due Diligence
  • Assess Market Analysis
  • Determine Economic Feasibility
  • Review Rehabilitation Issues

Developing New Communities

  • Compare Modular vs. Manufactured Homes Assessment
  • Research Land Lease Community Indicators
  • Outline Sub-Division/Condominium Considerations
  • Research Target Buyer/Residents

Development Financing Options (Compare and Contrast)

  • FHA 207m Loan Guarantee
  • FHA 221(d)4 New Apt Using HUD Code Homes
  • Conventional Commercial Financing

Home Buyer Financing Options

  • Conventional Chattel Mortgages
  • Conventional Land-Home Mortgages
  • FHA Title I Home Financing
  • FHA Title II Home-Land Financing