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      Refinance Analysis        
      Appraisal Valuation              
      Cap Rate          
      Estimated Value            
      Cash Flow Analysis              
      Debt Coverage Ratio            
      Annual Income Available for Debt Service          
      Monthly Payment            
      Interest Rate            
      Maximum Loan based on Cash Flow          
      Loan to Value     Loan to Value Parameters for 223 (f) Refinance Program    
      Maximum based on Cash Flow            
                - 83.3% LTV for market rate    
      Maximum Loan       - 85% LTV for Affordable    
                - 87% LTV for 90% or greater rental assistance    
      Existing Loan       - 90% LTV for 202 Properties    
                - Cash Out up to 80% loan to value    
      Closing Fees              
      Closing Fees            
      Total Closing Fees            
      Cash Out/Equity Needed            
      Payment Analysis              
      First Mortgage              
      Loan Amount            
      Interest Rate            
      First Mortgage Payment            
      Annual Debt Service            
      Net Cash Flow.            
      Debt Coverage Ratio            
      This interactive calculator is made available to you as a financial tool for your sole use. It is not intended to provide investment advice. Bedford Lending cannot and does not guarantee its accuracy. All results are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes. We encourage you to seek professional advice for any commercial real estate transactions.        
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